Longueil-Annel: the "Barge- and Boatmen Museum"

"Red Line" Distance 11 km



Between 1914 and 1917, river and canal craft also contributed to the war effort. The French Army and Navy decided to transform a few barges into veritable cannon-carriers on the Oise River, for logistics and fire support. This constituted a simple means of acquiring a mobile cannon that was easy to hide and could move large quantities of munitions right up to the front.

In addition to these barges, the naval shipyards began designing in early 1915 low-draught cannon-carriers for the rivers and canals to the north and east. Eight such carriers, armed with 140-mm cannons, were constructed in Brest and Lorient.

These floating cannon-carriers delivered indirect fire. The rapidness of their fire (3 shots per cannon per minute) and their long range (13 to 15 kilometres) made them particularly useful for shelling behind the enemy lines. This explains why the "Barge- and Boatmen Museum" is located at Avenue de la Canonnière in Longueil-Annel!


This house-turned-museum on the Oise Canal tells the story of French inland navigation, particularly at Longueil-Annel. Learn about the evolution of the canal trades and the living conditions of the bargemen, as well as the role of the barge gunners during the First World War.

The second stop, the Freycinet museum-boat, presents the day-to-day life of the bargee.





Cité des Bateliers ("Barge- and Boatmen Museum"): Closed Mondays, full rate: €5.30, visit duration: 1 hour 45 min.

Thematic "game tours" for younger visitors, guided tours for groups.

Closed in January.

Cité des bateliers
59, avenue de la Canonnière
60 150 Longueil-Annel
Tél. 03 44 96 05 55


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