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"Red Line" Distance 10 km

 "The Germans are in Noyon" declared Clemenceau in August 1915, and this famous phrase still resonates at the start of the First World War Centenary. Today, the walls of the 12th-century Gothic cathedral still bear traces of the 1918 shellings. Noyon, its town hall, theatre and streets were occupied by the German army starting in 1914. Liberated in March 1917, the town then suffered from intense shellings by both sides, with 80% destroyed by August 1918.


To complete your visit, discover the Noyonnais Museum, illustrating the history of Noyon, from antiquity to the present day: archaeological objects, paintings, sculptures, engravings and rare furnishings from the cathedral. A portion of the collection is dedicated to the World War I period, while temporary WWI exhibitions are planned during the centenary.


Musée du Noyonnais

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03 44 09 43 41

7 rue de l'évêché

60400 Noyon

Horaires : 10h à 12 h / 14 h à 18 h (17h du 1er novembre au 31 mars). Fermés les lundi, 1er mai, 11 novembre et du 25 décembre au 2 janvier.

Tarifs : 3€ 50, tarif réduit : 2€ 50


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Noyonnais Museum 49.58168942783878 2.998544946279935
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