Rethondes "Musée Territoire 14-18 Discovery Centre"

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"Red Line" Distance 10 km


The name Rethondes immediately evokes the signing of the armistice of 11 November 1918. The previous day, Marshal Foch and General Weygand attended mass in the village church, a moment of contemplation today commemorated by a plaque. 

The next day, at eleven o'clock of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year, the church of Rethondes rang its bells thereby announcing to the world the armistice. The church's three bells were rung so intensely and for so long that two of them cracked; they would not be replaced until 1930.

In 1917, the municipal council had the village streets renamed after soldiers who had "Died for France" during the conflict.


Located near the Rethondes church, the "Musée Territoire 14-18 Discovery Centre" allows you to learn more about the frontline. Presenting authentic images and firsthand accounts, this modern centre evokes the conflict and day-to-day life during the war: from the soldiers' barracks in the local quarries to the shortages and requisitions suffered by the civilians. The "Discovery Centre" seeks to raise public awareness and act as a resource centre dedicated to the region's First World War experience. It invites you to pursue your WWI memorial tour by visiting the sites and following the trail of the Musée Territoire 14-18  open-air museum.



Open in 2014



Free admission

Trilingual: French, English and German



Start of the Tracy-le-Mont / Rethondes bike path, via the Chemin des Princesses ("Princesses Trail")


Rethondes "Musée Territoire 14-18 Discovery Centre" 49.41621297340699 2.9397319497375065
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Rethondes "Musée Territoire 14-18 Discovery Centre" 49.41621297340699 2.9397319497375065

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