Carlepont and Cuts "The Zouave Trail"

"Red Line" Distance 5 km


To strengthen its armed forces, France incorporated nearly 464,000 men from its colonies: infantrymen from sub-Saharan Africa, essentially Senegal, as well as from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Madagascar, Somalia, the Comoros, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guiana, Melanesia and Indochina. On the Oise front, some of these troops won renown as early as September 1914, such as the 3rd Moroccan Brigade, with its Zouaves and infantrymen, or in May and June 1918, with the battalion of Somali infantrymen on the hills overlooking Cuts. Few accounts remain of these men who left their homes to come fight in France in often difficult conditions and far removed from their habitual environments. 


"The Zouave Trail" invites you to learn more about the First World War from the perspective of a colonial soldier sent to the Oise front. By car or bike, equipped with one of the tablets made available at the "Noyon en Sources et Vallées Tourist Office", or simply using your smartphone, discover the various aspects of this soldier's war experience, with its many unique challenges: the arrival in France, the difficult fighting, the cultural uprooting, the Allied victory and the slow recognition of the contributions made by these "native soldiers" during the war.


Thanks to a remarkable collection of images and firsthand accounts, explore Cuts and Carlepont to immerse yourself in the day-to-day lives of the Zouaves during the First World War.





Vidéoguide disponible à l'automne 2014


Applications available for smartphones or on rental tablets (€4 per rental).

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Carlepont and Cuts "The Zouave Trail" 49.531265089589446 3.1008763214264263
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Carlepont and Cuts "The Zouave Trail" 49.531265089589446 3.1008763214264263

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