Crapeaumesnil: "Loges Wood Trail"

Bois des Loges

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Starting in mid-September 1914, from the Noyon region, the armies attempted to outflank one another to the northwest where the front had not yet been established: this was the beginning of the so-called "Race to the Sea".

In this context, particularly bloody fighting took place between Beuvraignes and Fresnières. In the middle, the Germans seized Crapeaumesnil on 1 October 1914. For the following week, they desperately attempted, though ultimately in vain, to conquer the Loges Wood south of town, which would have allowed them to better clear the way to Roye. The French defensive positions would afterwards remain practically unchanged up until the German withdrawal in mid-March 1917.  On 16 August 1918, the Loges Wood once again was the focus of attention, for this time it was the Germans who fiercely defended this strategic site.


Equipped with several interpretation panels, this short 12-km pedestrian trail links the Somme and its various battles.The proposed itinerary around the village follows in the footsteps of the French and German combatants who faced off in an exhausting "war of positions".

Visit the monument erected in honour of the WWI soldiers and second lieutenant Chapelant, wounded and shot on his stretcher "to set an example" on 11 October 1914; Chapelant was later recognized as having "Died for France" and rehabilitated by the French Minister for Veterans' Affairs in November 2012.



"Loges Wood Loop": 12-km walk, departing from Crapeaumesnil


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Crapeaumesnil: "Loges Wood Trail" 49.6348064691932 2.799012513769526
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Crapeaumesnil: "Loges Wood Trail" 49.6348064691932 2.799012513769526

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