Vic-sur-Aisne: a village behind the front

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Only occupied for a few days by the Germans during the Battle of the Marne, this village was definitively liberated on 12 September 1914. Located immediately behind the front, only 2 kilometres from the first lines, the town's château, with its 12th-century keep, was soon chosen as a divisional headquarters. The commune was home to numerous supply corps responsible for supplying the frontlines with food, equipment and munitions. Also, wounded soldiers from the front were transported by the town ambulance before being sent on to the interior hospitals.


Vic-sur-Aisne is the starting point for various World War I discovery trails:

Follow the "Old Railway Trail" to learn more about the role of logistics during the Great War and the importance of the supply corps, which was wont to point out that "soldiers sometimes fight, but they eat every day".


The 14-km hike "In the footsteps of the WWI soldiers" allows you to discover both the beautiful villages and the moving First World War heritage of this region so profoundly marked by the conflict.  


The Anne Morgan Itinerary pays tribute to this wealthy American heiress who moved to Blérancourt following the German withdrawal of March 1917. With her organization, she came to assist the civilian population (replanting crops, creating shops and distribution centres, health and social assistance, creating residences, nurseries and libraries, etc.).




14-km hike "In the footsteps of the WWI soldiers", starting at the Vic-sur-Aisne town hall.

7-km "Railway Trail" (please note: this is not a loop), starting at La Vache Noire, on the outskirts of Vic-sur-Aisne towards the trunk road.

82-km "Anne Morgan Itinerary", linking by road the towns of Blérancourt, Soissons, Vic-sur-Aisne and Coucy-le-Château.


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Vic-sur-Aisne: a village behind the front 49.405728108835994 3.1153276627044306
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Vic-sur-Aisne: a village behind the front 49.405728108835994 3.1153276627044306

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