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Here are a few suggestions for young and old to enjoy a better understanding of this region's past.

As a family: Transmitting WWI memories, from the soldiers' day-to-day life to the Armistice. (1 day)


Carrières de Montigny - © Oise Tourisme / Comdesimages

This tour combines a fun discovery of the quarries, an interpretation centre and an old train carriage.  With your children, visit the Montigny quarries and discover vestiges left by the soldiers on the stone walls. Then continue your tour by visiting the "Rethondes Discovery Centre" and, finally, the world-famous Armistice Clearing, where the World War I armistice was signed on 11 November 1918.


Total distance: 19 km


© Oise Tourisme / Samuel Dhote

By foot: memorial walks and hikes through war-front villages (½ day to a full day)

Take advantage of the Tracy-le-Mont (6.2 km) and Plessier-de-Roye (2.5 km) discovery trails to explore the frontline. Interpretation panels allow you to better understand the importance of these conflicts and the radically disrupted day-to-day lives of both the territory's civilian population and its soldiers.

 For hiking enthusiasts: the 24-km "quarry loop", starting at the Montigny quarries, and the 75-km "tank loop", starting in Lataule.

 Detailed trail descriptions available in the region's tourist offices



© Oise Tourisme / Samuel Dhote

By road, hybrid or mountain bike: Touring the Great War landscapes(½ day to a full day)

 Various itineraries following the "Trans'Oise" greenway and the bike paths running from Compiègne to Pierrefonds and Rethondes, to visit the sites of the Musée Territoire 14-18. Thematic loops for hybrid and mountain bikes, to discover the quarries (24 km departing from Montigny), in the tracks of the WWI tanks (75 km departing from Lataule), and along the old railway (14 km from Vic-sur-Aisne to the Ambleny necropolis).


Detailed itinerary descriptions available in the region's tourist offices




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