Lataule: "The Battle of Matz Tanks Trail"

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"Red Line" Distance 16 km

 At the beginning of June 1918, following the German Spring Offensives, the French lines formed in Oise a salient that threatened the German flanks in the sectors of Montdidier and Villers-Cotterêts.  The Germans therefore decided to destroy this salient in order to straighten their front. On 9 June 1918, following an artillery preparation of only a few hours, but carried out by 616 batteries firing mostly toxic shells, 13 German divisions launched an attack on the 40-km front between Montdidier and Noyon. For two days, the French fell back, almost all the way to the Aronde River. But on 11 June, with 4 divisions supported by heavy tanks, General Mangin counter-attacked, notably at Courcelles, Méry and the Genlis Wood. This counter-attack, which allowed the French to retake some territory, ruined the Germans' hopes and brought an end to the Battle of Matz.


The "Remembering the Tanks of June 1918" association offers a historic tourist route dedicated to the Mangin counter-offensive of 11 June 1918 on the plateau between Méry-la-Bataille and Ressons-sur-Matz. By foot or bike, this 75-km trail will take you through the 17 communes (districts) concerned by this operation: commemorative monuments, military cemeteries, interpretation panels and "tank-localization posts" dot this itinerary. In addition, the "Red Line" video guide allows you to relive the great intensity of this battle.



"AS 38 Loop", 4.3 km variation, starting at the Lataule town hall

"The Battle of Matz Tanks Trail": 75 km for bikers and walkers


Lataule: "The Battle of Matz Tanks Trail" 49.540069 2.6796980000000303
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Lataule: "The Battle of Matz Tanks Trail" 49.540069 2.6796980000000303

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