Machemont: the Montigny quarries

Carrières de Montigny - © Oise Tourisme / Comdesimages

"Red Line" Distance 5 km

The stone quarries, for the most part dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, were immediately put to use by both sides during the conflict. The soldiers transformed the quarries into barracks, command posts, first-aid stations, kitchens and even chapels. They were integrated into the armies' defences via trenches, while the Germans extended certain quarries by digging tunnels.  

As early as September 1914, following the stabilization of the frontline, the Montigny quarries sheltered French soldiers. Vestiges of the soldiers' occupation of the quarries yet remain, making Montigny an important World War I memorial site.


Trail starting at the Machemont town hall: follow the 8 information panels and discover the local history and the various authentic buildings of this town. The trail will take you all the way to the Montigny quarries.


At the Montigny quarries, an exterior trail and guided tours allow you to explore this WWI memorial site: sculptures, inscriptions, bas-reliefs, a recreated trench, activities, etc.


For those who would like to delve further into the quarry theme, a 24-km trail starting in Montigny links several nearby sites within the region's massif known as the "Little Switzerland of Picardy".



Panoramique Carrières de Montigny [1600x1200] (Enlarge image). Carrières de Montigny - © Oise Tourisme / Comdesimages


The Machemont heritage trail: 2 km for walkers (note: this trail is not a loop), starting at the town hall.

The quarry trail: 24 km for walkers and bikers, starting at the Montigny quarries.

The Montigny quarries: guided tours in July/August from Thursday to Sunday at 2:30 PM, and in June/September on Saturdays/Sundays at 2:30 PM.

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Machemont: the Montigny quarries 49.52028677356134 2.8764425661620407
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Machemont: the Montigny quarries 49.52028677356134 2.8764425661620407

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