Following the old WWI frontline, the Musée Territoire 14-18 / "The WWI Territorial Heritage Museum" provides a better understanding of many aspects of this conflict that left its indelible mark on a landscape and its people.



Butte des Zouaves - © Oise Tourisme / Grégory Smellinckx

From the day-to-day life of the combatants and civilians to the soldiers executed to set an example, from the underground organizations to the trenches, from the devastation to the reconstruction, from the war to the peace, come explore these key themes around such emblematic sites as Rethondes Vingré and the Chemin des Dames.


Individually, with friends or as a family, travel about the region by following the "Red Line" to discover this tumultuous chapter of history: unique visits to the local quarries, requisitioned as camps by the soldiers, thematic tours of important battle sites, and video guides presenting life behind the lines and the German occupation of the territory's villages, of which were almost completely destroyed. 

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