Tracy-le-Mont, "Following the Paths of the First World War"

"Red Line" Distance 1 km


On the eve of the First World War, Tracy-le-Mont was a bustling village of 1,899 residents: in the hamlet of Ollencourt, factories and workshops manufactured luxurious brushes famous the world over. Invaded by the Germans on 31 August 1914, the village was definitively liberated on 13 September 1914. But the heart of the village was only 1.5 km from the first frontlines and became, starting in 1915, the target of increasingly frequent German shellings, to the point that the military authorities decided to evacuate all of the residents in August of the same year.

The fiercest German attacks occurred in June 1915, with the objective of destroying the Quennevières salient. To conquer territory only 1 km in length and 500 metres wide, the French lost 7,905 men, while the Germans suffered some 4,000 casualties.

By the end of the war, the factories and two thirds of the houses were destroyed. The village was deeply marked by the conflict and a century later, its population is still inferior to that of the pre-war period.


The discovery trail pays tribute to the combatants, as well as the Tracy-le-Mont civilians killed during the war. 6.2 km in length, the trail presents numerous aspects of day-to-day life during the conflict, via information panels and life-size soldier silhouettes.







The trail: 6.2 km

Start: church car park

Trilingual: French, English and German

Easy walk, wear appropriate shoes.



Start of the Tracy-le-Mont / Rethondes bike path, via the Chemin des Princesses ("Princesses Trail")



Histoires 14-18 « La Ligne Rouge » , application disponible sur Android et IOS

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Tracy-le-Mont, "Following the Paths of the First World War" 49.4724756 3.0109383999999864
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Tracy-le-Mont, "Following the Paths of the First World War" 49.4724756 3.0109383999999864

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