"The Soldiers Executed by Firing Squad at Vingré"

"Red Line" Distance 6 km


On 27 November 1914, following violent shelling, a German patrol launched an attack on a French trench. Taken by surprise, a half section of the 298th Infantry Regiment fell back, led by its second lieutenant. Soon afterwards, however, the same soldiers counter-attacked and retook their initial position. But this temporary retreat was brought to the attention of the division; the regiment's special war council met on 3 December and decided to set an example. Of the 24 men accused of having abandoned their posts in the presence of the enemy, 6 were sentenced to death: the soldiers Blanchard, Quinault, Gay, Pettelet, Durantet and Corporal Floch. The next day, at 7:30 AM, they were executed by firing squad in the hamlet of Vingré.


These executions deeply shocked the soldiers of the 298th Infantry Regiment. After the war, they managed to influence public opinion and the Court of Cassation overturned the judgment on 29 January 1921, thereby rehabilitating the memory of the 6 shot soldiers.

The war veterans then erected a monument, inaugurated on 5 April 1925. The names of the 6 soldiers are also individually engraved on the houses of the Vingré hamlet, in the manner of a "Way of the Cross".

"The Soldiers Executed by Firing Squad at Vingré" allows you to discover and understand military justice at the beginning of the war. A hundred years later, the question of the executed soldiers' rehabilitation remains topical and still provokes numerous debates.



"The Letters of the Executed Soldiers": 1-km micro-walk through the hamlet of Vingré.

"The Discovery Trail of the Executed Soldiers": 21 km by car, starting from Vingré.

Nearby: The Confrécourt quarries, guided tours available


Histoires 14-18 « La Ligne Rouge » , application disponible sur Android et IOS



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"The Soldiers Executed by Firing Squad at Vingré" 49.428937 3.173927000000049

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